About Us

In September of 2018 MJ and Mike awoke to find their two cats - Topaz and Orion - left them a gift in the night. While most cats might leave rodents or leaves as tokens of affection, these two left something even better: an idea for a small business capable of catering to customers across the country. With Topaz promoted to Chief Executive Feline and Orion instituted as Head of Training, The Groovy Cat opened in early 2019 under the watchful eye of both cats.

The Groovy Cat’s mission is to ensure that customers are provided with the best quality products available on the market today with quality customer service and plenty of cute cat photos.Mike can be reached for any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions by emailing him directly at herb@thegroovycat.com or by using the ‘Contact Us’ form. 

Orion our Head of Training


Our CEF, Chief Executive Feline, Topaz taking time out from her nap to inspect the crew.