DaVinci Miqro

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DaVinci Miqro

The DaVinci Miqro is unique in the world of vaporization. Packing most of the features from the DaVinci IQ into a package that's 31% smaller. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand the Miqro is a very discreet vaporizer. Perfect for micro-dosing on the go and also capable of back to back sessions the Miqro has earned a way into Herbs own collection and is in regular rotation.

The Miqro features the same smart path technology that's in it's big brother the IQ. The temperature of the oven rises slowly 20 degrees F over the course of the 5 minute session. If you prefer to dial in your exact temperature the Miqro allows you to do that too. While in precision mode the LED display on the front counts down the time left in your session. It has an almost 100% ceramic zirconia vapor path, consisting of of the oven, a removable vapor path and mouthpiece. The only part of the vapor path that is not ceramic is the silicone gasket holding the mouthpiece in. An adjustable oblong “pearl” on the oven door allows you to customize the size of the oven and helps pack the material in firmly for the best performance. One cool little extra feature is when the unit shuts down it spells out an affirmation message using the LED display on front.

What it comes with in the box

1 DaVinci Miqro

1 Cleaning kit

1 Miqro USB charging cable


Small size very discreet

Adjustable bowl size

Boost mode

A small pick for tamping and unpacking the oven

Smart Path Technology

Precision Temperature

Ceramic zirconia vapor path

Affirmation messages at the end of each session

5 year warranty from DaVinci


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