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The Puffco Peak is unique among portable dab rigs in that it's not a pen and it doesn't require a torch to heat up the banger. Instead it's all here in a nice portable package that's perfect for dabbing on the go. Perfect for those days when your outside enjoying nature.

The Peak unlocks the true power of your concentrates giving you the full effects of the plants potency and flavor without a steep learning curve. It comes with 4 heat settings as well as a sesh mode for sharing with friends. The heat up time is approximately 20 seconds or so depending on your heat setting, temperature of the bowl etc. Compare that to a regular dab rig and you'll see the convenience the Peak offers. The Peak adjusts the heating time to the temperature of the bowl providing a more consistent experience during repeated use and when in sesh mode. The haptic feedback, it vibrates, helps to let you know when it's time to dab. The battery charges in approximately 2 hours

What you get:

Hand-blown glass
Water filtration
4 unique user heat settings
20 sec average heat up time
Intelligent temperature calibration
Sesh-Mode Functionality
7” high x 2.75” base
2 hour fast charge time
30 dab average battery life
Removable ceramic bowl
LED light band
Carrying case included
Haptic feedback
Rugged silicone base

What's in the box

Puffco Peak
Carrying Case
Cleaning Swabs
Loading Tool
Micro USB Cable and Supercharger
Carb Cap
Extra Ceramic Bowl


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